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Hill Climb Racing 2
1.) Team members are held responsible to participate in both km cruising (team chest) and ALL team events. This is why you join a team! Failure to participate could bring about your immediate exit plan. (kicked from team)

2.) Team Elite Racing Inc Exclusive:
There is a in-house Team Ranking Matrix which is based on both individual Team Chest Rank, Team Event Rank, and Chat Participation.

At it's core Individual ranks are added together for total score, then filtered to establish "Team Rank" for given period.

Final stage member rank is finalized and etched in team record book on each Sunday/Monday in conjunction of (HCR2) Hill Climb Racing 2 Team Chest ending.

3.) The following conditions could get you kicked from team.

a.) Little to no participation in Team Chest. (running km)
b.) No participation in Team Event. (this is a big one.)
c.) Players in the bottom 5 team ranking are potentially not safe.

4.) We encourage all members to join our Discord Channel. Communication is key to our success. To be competetive and have fun doing it.
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